INFINITY-UP Top Gaming Services Have Empowered Gaming Industry


Good Firms awarded INFINITY-UP a Top Game Development Company award as a recognition of the Game Studio's exceptional work quality.
INFINITY-UP, A Top Game Development Company

The gaming industry holds an exciting future as more striking acts of innovation can be experienced in this industry. Indeed, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning technology, and creative ideas have resulted in total transformation by bringing gaming vision to life. High-quality games are in high demand, so it becomes crucial to hire top-class game development services to meet expectations.

INFINITY-UP is a reliable platform where experts and dedicated designers provide immersive experiences to users with their innovative gaming apps. 

The article here highlights the complete picture of INFINITY-UP and expresses how it enables clients to meet their growing expectations.



INFINITY-UP Tech-Powered Modernization 


INFINITY-UP is a distinguished XR and full-stack game development company that emerged in 2016. It comprises profoundly experienced and knowledgeable team members specializing in complete development and publishing solutions for valuable global clients. Also, this team possesses an in-depth understanding of the leading platforms, browsers, devices, and social media sites.

Highlights of the company:


  • Possess a strong customer base worldwide.

  • Serves as a reliable partner for top-tier mobile studios.

  • Manages a portfolio of varied projects related to game genre (Hyper Casual Games, Endless Runner Games, and Educational Games, to mention a few).

  • From concept to advancement, the experts proficiently convert game ideas into success.

  • Delivered dozens of projects in the Middle East and North Africa region

These are some of the important numbers by the INFINITY-UP Game Development-Gamification Studio; Projects Delivered: 60+ Lifetime Users: 200 Million+ Clients: 30+
INFINITY-UP’s Facts and Figures

INFINITY-UP Game Development Services Expand Possibilities


Unity Game Development

The experienced and dedicated developers build amazing games that efficiently fulfill clients’ requirements and transform their innovative ideas into incredible software, astounding design, and memorable gameplay.

Web 3.0/HTML5 Games

The team possesses sound knowledge in Browser Games Development and competently provides HTML5 games to leaders worldwide. Interestingly! Millions of users get a varied collection of games.


With advanced technology and artistic talent, professionals create animated characters and objects. The team aims to achieve the project objective and meet clients’ expectations proficiently.


The experts seamlessly apply game mechanics to enhance user engagement and trustworthiness. Through game concepts, the experts have capably gamified professional learning.

2D Art

The innovative and enthusiastic designers design 2D characters and environments from scratch, devotedly creating the concept and integrating Vector Art into the clients’ video games. The clients’ visionary ideas are brought to splendid video games with the help of seasoned specialists. 

3D Art

The clients get remarkable and advanced 3D Art services from designers incorporating art assets into every game level. The company’s 3D Art and Modelling solutions help start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and giant corporations.

Due to such promising game development services, the researchers and reviewers of GoodFirms bestow the reputed position to INFINITY-UP as one of the top game development companies for delivering quality-rich gaming solutions to users. 


Valued Clientele of INFINITY-UP contains many world renowned names of Game Studios and Corporate World including but not limited to; Supercell Rose Digital STC Victoris's Secret Numrah Davies Meyer GenITeam GameBop XR Sports Amplify etc.
Valued Clientele of INFINITY-UP




Why pick INFINITY-UP game development services?


INFINITY-UP is the leading mobile game development company that possesses a reputable track record due to the following reasons:


  • It enables clients to harness the power of emerging technologies as it is fully equipped with the proficiency and resources that help clients bring games to the next level. 


  • The passionate and dedicated team of mobile developers, engineers, and designers make immersive and high-quality fun games and creative apps for customers.


  • The trusted game developers strive hard to bring clients’ concepts and ideas to life and create games keeping in mind to tailor to the client’s unique business requirements. 


  • The highly knowledgeable design team is devoted to brilliance and creativity in game development. They create visually attractive, spontaneous, highly functional interfaces that boost player experiences. 

Below-mentioned reviews highlight the company’s high performance that satisfies clients’ business requirements and enhances user experience.


Atif Shabbir, Project Manager at Whetstonez Technologies said, "Excellent Team and Professional attitude with perfect communication. Highly recommended". INFINITY-UP has a very high review rating on all the independent third party review platforms that depicts the high quality services provided by the Game Studio with a proven track record that Empowered Gaming Industry.
INFINITY-UP’s Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial : Director of Delivery, Rose Digital said that "We were really impressed with willingness to jump in and provide solution to complex issues". INFINITY-UP has a very high review rating on all the independent third party review platforms that depicts the high quality services provided by the Game Studio with a proven track record that Empowered Gaming Industry..
Client Testimonial: Director of Delivery, Rose Digital
Client Testimonial: Sr. Risk Specialist , STC said; "They demonstrated the experience, knowledge, and the right attitude for the job". INFINITY-UP has a very high review rating on all the independent third party review platforms that depicts the high quality services provided by the Game Studio with a proven track record that Empowered Gaming Industry.
Client Testimonial: Sr. Risk Specialist, STC


Key Takeaways


The gaming industry plays a huge role in entertaining everyone, and this industry is booming speedily. Companies providing professional game development services are in high demand. INFINITY-UP creates top-notch gaming apps that offer ideal experiences to users.  

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