INFINITY-UP Is Making Strides In The Gaming Industry: Muhammad Faisal

INFINITY-UP is a high-quality game development company based in Lahore, Pakistan. They specialize in developing games for both iOS and Android platforms. With a strong reputation as a trusted and top-notch mobile studio worldwide, INFINITY-UP is highly regarded in the industry. Recently, GoodFirms had the privilege of interviewing the company’s co-founder, Muhammad Faisal, to learn more about his business. Below is a brief excerpt from the interview for your reference.

The GoodFirms has conducted an interview of Muhammad Faisal - Co Founder INFINITY-UP to dive into the enormous success of the INFINITY-UP Game Studio's emergence as one of the Top Game Development Studio
Executive Interview with Muhammad Faisal, Co-Founder INFINITY-UP by GoodFirms

INFINITY-UP is a prominent game studio with skilled and experienced individuals specializing in developing games for various platforms, including browsers, iOS, and Android. The team is dedicated to providing high-quality, creative, and captivating gaming experiences that engage players. Their qualified designers, developers, and project managers understand clients’ requirements and work diligently to turn their ideas into reality.

They have successfully delivered a wide range of game projects, including educational games, hyper-casual games, card games, puzzle games, endless runner games, MMORPGs, auction games, and both single and multiplayer games. Their team is dedicated to excellence and innovation in game development, and they have the resources and expertise to provide the best-in-class experience to clients of all sizes and types of enterprises.

INFINITY-UP has an outstanding track record of delivering over 60 successful projects for over 30 clients worldwide, with a staggering engagement of over 200 million lifetime users. This remarkable achievement has rightfully positioned INFINITY-UP among the top game development companies globally on GoodFirms.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Mr. Muhammad Faisal, the Co-Founder of INFINITY-UP, to learn more about the company and its values.

Let’s proceed with the interview.

The Inception Story Of INFINITY-UP And The Pivotal Role Played By Mr. Muhammad Faisal

Mr. Faisal revealed that he and his co-founder had been working as game developers for a long time. However, they were not fully satisfied with their work and wanted to create games that were more engaging and enjoyable. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a great passion for gaming, they launched INFINITY-UP, which has built a good reputation over the years and is consistently growing, bringing about a paradigm shift in the gaming industry.

The company’s mission is to bring joy and happiness to game users by delivering memorable experiences through excellent products designed and developed by cutting-edge technology and industry experts. Additionally, the company is committed to creating opportunities for youth and setting a positive example in the community.

As a co-founder of INFINITY-UP, he provides leadership, a visionary attitude, and a strategic direction to help the company reach its goals and objectives. He is responsible for all business operations, including business development, project management, finance, and human resources, ensuring smooth functioning.

He not only manages relationships with clients, investors, and stakeholders but also ensures that team members are aligned with the company’s mission and values through effective mentoring and skill development.

My primary role is to drive growth and satisfy our clients by providing creative, fresh ideas with an unmatched passion for this ever-changing industry. Muhammad Faisal Co-Founder INFINITY-UP
Primary Role at INFINITY-UP

A Flexible And Adaptable Business Model Is Vital For Success

During the conversation, Mr. Faisal explained that the company utilizes in-house and remote team business models. These models offer greater convenience in terms of leveraging the strengths of the workforce, resulting in increased scalability and efficiency. However, the company places a stronger emphasis on utilizing in-house teams for handling projects without the involvement of third-party vendors.

INFINITY-UP is a full-stack game development and extended reality (XR) company with a diverse global customer base. They provide comprehensive development solutions, qualitative research, and innovative approaches with in-house and remote teams.

We prioritize quality work and timely delivery, setting us apart from competitors. Muhammad Faisal Co-Founder INFINITY-UP
Our Priority at INFINITY-UP

A Wide-Ranging Industry Network Along With Complete Game Development Services

Mr. Faisal mentioned that the company serves multiple industries, such as education, finance, human resources, healthcare, and entertainment. The company mainly focuses on gaming and mixed reality, utilizing advanced sensing and imaging technologies.

INFINITY-UP offers a range of popular services to their diverse clients. These include game design and development, UI/UX game designs and experiences, 2D/3D art and animation, gamification, Metaverse and Web 3.0, and quality assurance. The company specializes in customized game development and innovation that caters to specific client requirements.

Our clients return to us for new projects because of our unwavering commitment to building strong and reliable relationships with them. Muhammad Faisal Co-Founder INFINITY-UP
INFINITY-UP’s Unwavering Commitment to Our Clients

The client reviews below demonstrate the satisfaction of INFINITY-UP’s clients with the results showcased on GoodFirms.

Excellent Team and Professional attitude with perfect communication. Highly recommended. Atif Shabbir, Project Manager at Whetstonez Technologies reviews INFINITY-UP
Atif Shabbir, Project Manager at Whetstonez Technologies reviews INFINITY-UP
Excellent Game Studio. Yohami Zerpa, CEO at NOWWA / Gamebop reviews INFINITY-UP's Game Development Services describing how happy he was with the INFINITY-UP's Games for Super Snappy.
Yohami Zerpa, CEO at NOWWA / Gamebop reviews INFINITY-UP’s Game Development Services

The Company Provides A Budget-Friendly Services That Keeps Quality High

According to Mr. Faisal, the payment structure of the company is dependent on the project’s nature and the client’s requirements. The company offers various payment models, including pay per milestone, fixed-cost billing, pay per hour, pay per feature, and pay for team.

Clients mostly opt for a payment model that allows them to pay after each milestone is completed. This payment model provides more control to clients over the project’s progress and offers a flexible payment schedule, benefiting them in the long run.

The company offers game development, design, and gratification services for projects ranging from $5,000 to millions. They ensure that every project is successful by following the same approach, regardless of its size. The company is committed to delivering high-quality services to its clients and does not compromise on quality, even if the budget is small.

During the budget discussion, he mentioned that the company worked on various projects in 2022. These projects include small-scale indie games as well as large-scale projects for well-known brands in the gaming industry. The pricing is determined based on the client’s business needs, such as the number and types of features required, the level of customization, and the expected timeline for the project.

A Futuristic Vision For The Gaming Industry

Mr. Faisal stated that the company plans to expand its operations in the next decade. They are confident that their reputation for delivering excellent game development and design solutions will continue to drive demand for their gaming, simulation, and gamification services. In addition, they plan to add virtual and augmented reality-based game development services to their portfolio, using cutting-edge technology to offer even more to their clients.

INFINITY-UP will expand its global reach by working with diverse clients to provide a high-tech gaming experience.

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